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Mary, a harpist in New Jersey, noticed her husband rising earlier than usual to use the computer while the rest of the household slept. One insomniac dawn she wandered into the kitchen at 5 and heard the sounds of arriving instant messages from the adjacent family room.

Her husband told her he was in a sports chat room and had made a comment that struck a nerve. But when the same thing happened again, she registered his guilty demeanor. She realized how often he all but body-blocked her when she approached his computer. One morning, she discovered on his screen an e-mail from another married gay man, arranging a first meeting.

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Before she heard his tread on the stair, she had read two more messages, from different men setting up dates. The next time her husband claimed to be in the sports chat room, Mary countered with ''here's what I know and here's how I know it. Thus her request, in deference to his privacy, that her last name not be used. Mary chose the occasion of Mr. McGreevey's confession to tell her teenage children that their father is gay. It turned out that they already knew, she says. Sometimes, it is teenage children who make the discovery.

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Carol Silverman, of Scarsdale, N. Silverman uses her maiden name and said she does not know her husband's whereabouts. Father and daughter shared a computer in their home. The girl had already seen many of his postings, among them the ad ''Married gay man looking for Asian partner'' -- that included telltale physical details. Some women unfamiliar with computers seek instruction so they can snoop. Typical is a recent posting on the Web site of the Straight Spouse Network.

A detailed answer came quickly from ''David,'' who said he was a straight man married to a lesbian. He directed her to hit ''Ctrl-H'' on a Microsoft Explorer browser for a pop-up window of Web sites previously visited. But he added, ''If there's any www. David expressed concern that Pam might be better off not opening what she found.

Parents often struggle to talk about sex with LGBTQ teens: Northwestern study - Chicago Tribune

Still, he told her that certain sites would ''remember'' her husband's user name and password and display them. She could also find clues on a cellphone, in the histories of calls made, received or missed. With these early postings, Pam, David, Trini, Kathy and JJ are using the Internet to find a like-minded community, as their mates had done. The irony does not escape those who have found solace or suggestions online. Jennifer said that she found a set of new friends there, people who would understand why it took her two years, and one failed attempt at reconciliation, to end her marriage.

A year ago, Jennifer filed for divorce. Counseling from her pastor was helpful. But she needed more support. A Google search led her to the Straight Spouse Network. The men and women she met there ''saved my sanity,'' Jennifer said. Technology brought her full circle. After a lengthy telephone interview with this reporter, Jennifer sent an e-mail postscript, summarizing the best and the worst of the Internet and casting a clear ballot. He just seemed like a hammy actor.

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How about Rip Taylor? He just plows through puss. Speaking of Paul Stanley, your characters have also made it more acceptable to talk about the inherent gayness of heavy metal. Maybe the 80s glam stuff. No, there is something a little gay about the leather stuff, too.

F*@#ing Ben Affleck

I mean, Rob Halford lead singer of Judas Priest is out now, and even before, there was a lot of homoeroticism going on in Judas Priest lyrics. I always thought KISS was a little homoerotic. With the bare chests and the codpieces and the songs about their love guns. Oh no, it definitely happened.

He does that a lot. He has them out all the time. Did you doctor just say you had to air them out or something? It just feels better. Be careful how much you talk about them. I lost the video.

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I guess I should remake it. You should definitely reshoot it. Do a shot-by-shot remake. Which classic comedy duo do your characters most resemble, Bert and Ernie or Oscar and Felix? Yeah, either one works.

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  8. They love each other, but they also annoy the shit out of each other occasionally. Oh yeah, absolutely.

    The Gays And The Tech Industry: An Inclusive Yet Complicated Relationship

    Ernie is so child-like. The two male leads are perfectly cast and project a real caring for each other that goes beyond the usual sexual stereotypes. A believable connection between two human beings It really was wonderful to see this on the screen. I don't know how the director was able to snag the remaining cast as they also were absolutely perfect in their roles. SEE IT! See it for the fun of it.

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    See it because it does not cop out and make fairy tale endings. And it does this with a very sensitive, realistic, and light comic touch. It can also make you feel a little wistful and sad but, at the same time, happy to see a dose of realism in what could have been a fairy tale ending. I am looking forward to more of these types of films. See all 82 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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